High-level description of teaching background.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (University of Kentucky), 2017-2019

Served as a teaching assistant across a plethora of domains in computer science. During my two-year tenure, I was twice nominated by the students for annual the “Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant” award. Below is a list of the courses I served under:

  • Systems Programming (CS 270), Spring 2019 – lab insructor and grader.
  • Computer Networks (CS 371), Fall 2018 – lab instructor and grader.
  • Discrete Mathematics (CS 275), Spring 2018 – recitation lecturer.
  • Computer Graphics (CS 335), Fall 2017 – lab instructor and grader.

LAP Academic PLUS Tutor, 2014-2017

Provided instruction and development of understanding for undergraduate students at Northern Kentucky University struggling with course concepts. Served both walk-in and scheduled tutoring appointments. In this role, I also worked with faculty members to arrange class study sessions for challenging courses if demand was deemed high enough (such as with ”Theory of Computation“).

Served as an on-campus academic tutor for the following courses:

  • INF 120: Elementary Programming
  • INF 186: Media Web Coding
  • INF 282: Introduction to Databases
  • INF 286: Introduction to Web Development
  • CSC 260: Object Oriented Programming I
  • CSC 260L: Object Oriented Programming I Lab
  • CSC 360: Object Oriented Programming II
  • CSC 364: Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CSC 402: Advanced Programming Methods
  • CSC 485: Theory of Computation
  • MAT 185: Introductory Discrete Mathematics
  • MAT 385: Discrete Mathematics

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant (Northern Kentucky University), 2016

Served as a TA for CSC 364 (Data Structures & Algorithms). This course was taught using a team-led, project-based learning model in order to enforce the material of the course in a collaborative and thought-provoking way. As a Teaching Assistant, I was responsible for six groups of students primarily to make sure that these groups were understanding the material and to answer any questions they might have. Along with this role, I was responsible for grading these students’ in-class projects and provide feedback throughout the semester.